Saturday, December 5, 2009

5th Release : Harem Tune Genteiban by Takaoka Motofumi

...Did I said I was taking a break ? I guess I did..
Then why the hell did I keep on translating stuff !?

beat me..
I just feel like it, I guess ?
And those games ? They ROCK !! XD~~

Anyway, I told you I don't like doing things half-way right !?
And it just so happened that I pick this title without realizing that it has 2 volume so far ?!? With a slightly different title !!? This is blasphemy !!
So !! Here's the first one..
The next volume will follow after the break..maybe...

Oh !! with this, I'd also like to announce that I've start taking commission project !!
Head on to the link on the right for any possible question or whatnot,
and enjoy the release :


  1. Many thanx Lhytiss for this surprise. Takaoka Motofumi is awesome.

  2. Thanks, Lhytiss ^_^

    I found a version of this manga without credits (some "samefag" torrenting random hyper fresh stuff, on a private torrent), but some intuition made me check here if it wasn't from you, and bingo ^^

    I won't make more laudative comments for the moments, I still have to read it firsthand ;)


  3. ¬_¬



    I failed the first captcha attempt for my previous commend, and do you know what the second captcha was ?
    "retard" ¬_¬

  4. Thanks a lot Lhytiss, you are awesome!

  5. I add my thanks to the rest, Motofumi is one of my newer favs.

  6. Simply wonderful. A great choice, and your translation efforts keep getting better and better. I had a copy of just the first chapter that was done by a different group earlier this year, but your translation is much better.

    There are a couple very minor errors I noticed, but almost any translator is going to have those. An example would be using the word "feel" instead of "feels", that sort of thing. I know you have asked previously for constructive criticism, so I could send you an email with a list of those minor errors if you want.

    Again, thanks a lot for your hard work on this, it is really quite good and I am looking forward to more stuff by you in the future.

  7. Props for working on this great series.
    General Note: this is the first of two volumes (second volume = Harem Tune cos ; info adjusted accordingly at Baka-updates manga site)

  8. thanks I was hoping someone would do this one =]

  9. I am starting to worship you...

  10. Thank you very much
    take your time for vol 2 :D

  11. @all
    Thank you for the kind comments =D

    It's the first time anyone ever remove my credit page and sharing them.. Kinda sucks, but.. You can't really 'force' everyone to follow the rules over the internet now, can you ?!
    I'll just say that karma has a funny way to come back and haunt us.. XP

    BTW, lol@the captcha..

    Yes please =D
    And thank you for noticing ^^

    Yes you should >=D
    Burn me some incense and send me some $$ while you're at it !! NOW !! XD~~~

  12. Actually Lhytiss, there would be an idea, I've seen on another blog (not porn-related, and in French) a guy who published online his Amazon Wishlist, openly telling that whoever wanted to participate in offering him something out of it would be welcome.

    Why not try your luck ^^

  13. Huh..?
    I don't quite get how it works..?
    So I make a wish-list of something that I want, then whoever want to 'contribute' will then send the said item to me?
    Isn't it a bit risky nowadays !?
    I think I'd rather keep my personal address a secret...

    I don't want a stupid bunch of over-zealot guys knocking on my door for causing a tsunami, right !?
    sauce :

  14. LOL @ our communication and informatic minister

  15. Thanks for the releases sir!

  16. thx again for the whole book release!

    what's your next planned to release?

  17. can i have a mirror pls, i cant dl from df. thanks

  18. @matias067
    It's hinted on my post above.. =p

    try or hongfire..
    And I'm sure a bunch of ppl has re-upload this in various places..
    anyway, Google is your friend.. -_-;;

  19. hmm.... your work at doujin-moe's members page....

    'shakes head'

  20. Replying about the wishlists : yeah, you create an account at your local Amazon website, you give your profile (two options : your full name and adress are public, or just a pseudo without adress is public), you add the Amazon items of your choice into a shopping cart, but in fact - that is an option - this won't be a shipping cart, this will be saved as a wishlist.

    And if you share the URL of that wishlist, people are allowed to purchase items from this, that will be shipped directly to you.

    Mind you, if you create an Indonesian Amazon Wishlist, I'm not sure you'll get that many people interested, it could be an obstacle.
    At this point, I don't know if you can create a wishlist at Amazon US or things like that, I have no idea.

  21. @Nightscream
    Thanks for the notice..
    Though I (or anyone else in that matter) can't do shit about it..
    But as I said before, I believe karma has a funny way to come back and haunt us.. =D
    And as long as they keep the credit page intact, I'm cool with it...

    Sounds interesting..
    But I believe I don't have the necessary space to store excess stuff.. XD
    I'd rather take the $$ if anyone care about giving me something in return.. =p

  22. Well. i come to tell you dear translator than the file in deposites have been delete and can'r be downloaded again.. please if you can do the favor of re-upload the whole tome again... that will be a pleasure.

    Sorry for my bad english

    Nivek von Beldo