Tuesday, December 15, 2009

6th Release : Harem Tune cos Genteiban by Takaoka Motofumi

Actually, I expected to find some new title that I'd love to translate while I'm working on this.. But I can't find any *_*a
And there's no commission coming up either..
*sigh..I feel so useless..

η΅Άζœ›γ—γŸ!! \(*A*)/

Maybe I should find something else to do ~_~
Anyway, here's the stuff...
A bit of warning though, there's some tentacle action inside.. =p

Extra chapter here.. =D

*edit2 :
And this is for the whole volume + extra chapter in one package..


  1. wow, that's so fast, i assume it will be relase next month. thanks btw

  2. Thanks a lot for this one!

  3. Thanks a bunch Lhytiss, you are great!
    And do you like Distance? My Slave would need some sweet translation love from you


  4. Many thanx Lhytiss for this nice surprise. Is this the last volome?

  5. Thx man...that was quite fast release...
    As for a new title to translate, may I suggest
    [Arsenal] Ni-So Shoujo de - In the Knee-Socks Girl...? I think it's quite nice one...


  6. Holy crap, an untranslated Distance work that I haven't heard of? Lhytiss, take a look at My Slave and see if it something you would be interested in translating. I might be willing to get that started as a Donor Project, if need be.

  7. [Arsenal] Ni-So Shoujo de - In the Knee-Socks Girl... is something I am looking at getting done by a different translator. But if Lhytiss is willing to do that one for free (or as a donor project), I won't complain. :-)

  8. Actually, I just heard back from the guy who is doing [Arsenal] Ni-So Shoujo de - In the Knee-Socks Girl... and I am going to stick with him as the translator for that one. So the one that is still a possible donor project from me is Distance - My Slave. Sorry for the multiple posts.

  9. thanks for your work.
    takaoka motofumi has released a new manga today!!. And it's a ragnarok online doujin.
    takaoka motofumi making doujins???. that's weird.

    can you translate it, please?. it's only 20 pages long.


  10. Man, what can I say? I didnt expect anything new from you this year and here is such a nice suprise.You ARE the greatest!

  11. Hi, very thanks!
    May I suggest

    (C76) [MTSP (Jin)] Sakiko-san no Dansei Jijou (Original)


    [Hiroaki Hori] Rakuin Gakuen


    [Mon-Mon] Reiko The Exposed Wife


    [Hitode Jinbo] Sakura to Ran no Chirukoro


    [Kojima Miu] Special Examination Room Volume vol 1-4


    [Funabori Nariaki] Inbaku Byoutou


    [Clone ningen] Momojiri 400%


  12. Hmm... The raw you had didn't have the "extra tune"? For this volume it was in color, too...
    By the way, thanks for the speedy translation.

  13. Lovely Poko would want some attention too.


  14. @all
    Thank you for the kind comments =D

    @Ehud & JukanX
    I don't know if this is the final volume, but as JukanX implied, there seems to be an extra chapter.
    So, JukanX, can you tell me where to find this? =D

    Yes I'm interested in translating My Slave =D
    I won't lie though.. while I'm fine with working on that for free, it would help me a lot if ppl are willing to commission that one.. =p

    I prefer to work on H-Manga when I'm working on for free..
    And the book is actually 4 years old.. ~_~a

    And FYI, I can't D/L from g.e-hentai.org..
    Save for a few titles which available in torrents

    I'm almost certainly sure that SaHa would finish those series eventually..

  15. Here you are (link courtesy of Smekt5 @ Rapture forums):

    Unfortunately it's a 190 MB file, if you want just the bonus chapter I'll upload it in seven hours when I get home from work (file hosting sites are blocked by the corporate firewall).

  16. @Anon-who-request-a-lot
    And FYI, I can't D/L from g.e-hentai.org..
    Save for a few titles which available in torrents

    If you like some title i have the links

  17. and this one?. it's a h-manga.

    takaoka motofumi - hot liquid


  18. Ok, now that I'm home from work, here's the extra chapter Takaoka Motofumi - Extra tune cos by itself, uploaded on Megaupload.

  19. @JukanX
    Thanks, I'll get to it A.S.A.P.. =)

  20. You are FAST


  21. I LOVE your little "edit", and thanks a lot for telling me about it ^^

    I wish you luck with your donor project, especially seeing that dollar has much more "absolute" value in Indonesia, I hope it will bring a great bonus for you :)

  22. Thank you for the release.

  23. Is it possible to put the volume up on an alternate download site? Depositfiles gets up to the point where it says you can download and then hangs on me.

  24. I doubt anyone would read this, but...

    thank you.. =)

    While it's actually possible, it takes approx. 7 hours for me to upload the whole volume, and I can't use my internet during those 7 hours..
    I'm sure you can find it somewhere else anyway..
    So.. just google up !! =)

  25. Lhytiss thanks for the info.. but til now i cant find the whole volume with translation. hope i find it soon