Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Ummm...Merry Christmas..?

I know it's a bit late for saying that..But it's better than never !! =p
Anyway, I'm really happy to see that there's a lot of great H-Manga being released here and there in the past few days !

Here's some of the title(s) I'm seriously considering to work on :
1. Distance            - HHH already taken (Yoroshii)
2. Momoyama Jirou - Momodon -> We have a winner !! (or survivor..to be precise) XD
3. Nekomata Naomi - In Nyanko already taken (Setebos)
4. Wanyanaguda     - Black Lolita Field already taken (YQII)
5. Yamatogawa      - Taihen Yoku Dekimashita already taken (YQII)

Just so you guys know what to expect from me in 2010..^_^
Anyway, as I'm writing this shit, the 1st chapter of My Slave by Distance is out !
Go grab them at the Donor page or the previous post.

Have a nice holiday !


  1. i suggest you work for yamatogawa first, coz most of all chapter already translated. so you just only re-edit it with the tank version

  2. Myself, I'd go for Wanyanaguda >_>
    There's never enough loli <_<

    But RedComet is right, Yamatogawa is probably the easiest.

  3. YQII is planning to take on Taihen Yokudekimashita H-manga since he worked on the mag scans as far as I know. So you might want to wait and see on that one. As for Distance's HHH, you might want to stake claim on that real quick. Because it's Distance, there's bound to be translators and/or potential commissioners eyeing it. Everything else looks to be fair game.

  4. I really like the selection. I haven't seen a Momoyama Jirou fan in a while, so I'm damn excited to see a h-scanlator pick up some of his works after pretty much an entire year without it.

  5. HHH has already been done by Sling way back in september 2008, here's his link http://rapidshare.com/files/142331654/_SL_TripleSexHHH_Eng.rar.html

  6. @Anonymous: Just chapter 1 though, he hasn't bothered with the following parts of the story.

    @Lhytiss: Surely you would have noticed once you started to work on it, but for the WanyanAguda manga the three kanji in the title are to be read Kurololi (they have embedded furigana), and there's a sub-title "Black lolita field" written (in hiragana) on the front cover and in romaji on the back.

  7. Setebos has already commissioned Naomi Nekomata's In Nyanko, so don't make his money go to waste, please, chose something else ;)

    Personally, I'd say go to Distance, he's such a great artist, I can't wait to read more hentai by him ^_^

    BTW, thanks for the new chapter !

    (and merry new year to you !)

  8. Ah.. thanks for the input, guys.. =D
    I'll just take of Yamatogawa and Nekomata Naomi
    from the list..for now..

    And thank you for the title correction, JukanX..
    Honestly, I didn't pay attention on the cover and just copy-paste the file name.. *_*

    Also, it's good to see another Momoyama Jirou's fan in here !
    Although this one isn't as hardcore as his other works, the story is pretty amusing !
    It's one of her 'softer' works I guess..

  9. I tried searching for raws for Momoyama Jirou's Momodon, and I keep finding something called Momoman instead. Are they the same thing, just different spellings? Or are they two different pieces of work? Any help (including a link to the raws) would be appreciated.

  10. @Zathael
    Momo-Don : http://www.hongfire.com/forum/showthread.php?t=132110

    Now that you said it..I'm curious about its relation with Momoman as well..*_*a
    I'll search around for a bit..

    Seeing as both the story arc pretty much ended in Momo-Don, I'd guess they're separate story though..

  11. Quick question:
    Will you be still releasing "free" stuff? Perhaps from time to time, maybe?
    Thanks in advance.

  12. Those titles mentioned above ARE the ones I planned for the 'free' stuff.. =p

  13. That's music to my ears, thanks for your time and effort, you rock, also Happy 2010!!

  14. YQII just posted on his blog that the Wanyanaguda has "caught his interest", and implied that he would be putting some other potential translations on hold because of it.

  15. Sorry for the double post, but I forgot to say that my vote is for Momoyama Jirou - Momodon. You already are working on something by Distance, and the others all seem to be spoken for. Plus, although there are a few isolated chapters of stuff by Momoyama Jirou that have been translated, I don't think anyone has ever translated a full tankobon of Jirou's stuff.

  16. Just another update. Looks like Yoroshii is going to handle Distance - HHH as well.

  17. I know you must be getting swamped with requests, but would you be interested in translatin Murikuri by Rakko completely S-Jin has done the 6th chapter of it http://g.e-hentai.org/g/15907/e8ca8383bd/2-m-y

  18. Untranslated Kensoh Ogawa is sad :-(