Friday, December 18, 2009

1st Donor Project started : My Slave by Distance

Just click here if you want to see the details / contribute =D

Distance - My Slave

Content : Maid, Big boobs, Happy sex, School girl, Nurse
courtesy of Zathael

Unlike my 'usual' release, I'll try to post this series per-chapter.. =)

*update : 19 Dec '09
Just now, this cool guy decided to re-scan the whole tankoubon in higher quality for me to work with..
Since the my current raw is kinda 'dirty' (especially the edges..see for yourself), I've agreed to wait for his scan...
I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but I hope you guys will be satisfied with the result later on.. =)

*update : 24 Dec '09
New scans received.. =D
Its way better than I thought It'd be !!
Thank you so much, bubbadg d(^o^)b
Sadly, I'm not in front of my PC right now..
The whole family gang (15 ppl in total, including me) are currently having fun here until 27..
I'm sorry for the extra delay, but I'll try my best to release the first two chapter before 2010 !!.. m(_ _)m

*Last update : 16 Jan '10
Download link :
Chpt 01
Chpt 02
Chpt 03
Chpt 04
Chpt 05
Chpt 06
Chpt 07

Full Volume


  1. Thanks a lot for translating this, delicious Distance <3

  2. Many thanx Lhytiss and Zathael. Distance is awesome.

  3. Agreed, Distance is awesome. Btw, does anyone knows if this work is being translated?

    Shirujyou by hiroshi itaba. If not, then maybe you can work on it...just a suggestion :)

  4. Just thought I'd let those of you who were looking forward to this release know that I've released my re-scan (which, if you're interested, can be found at my blog that Lhytiss has kindly linked to, above). But more importantly, it means he can proceed with the translation, so there you go.

  5. Many thanx Lhytiss and Zathael for the first chp of Distance.

  6. any alternative host~

  7. i have found a double page (p. 7 a. p.8)

    is a collored page missing in the first chapter ?

  8. @Anon #1
    No alternative host as I'm sure you can find it easily elsewhere and my low connection speed just make it painful for me to upload the same thing twice to a different host.. >.>

    @Anon #1
    I don't think so, but can you post me this 'missing' page so I can confirm it ??

  9. anon#1:

    you only have a double page 7 and 8 no page is missing

  10. Many thanx for the second chp.

  11. DF isnt working for me....
    any chance you can reupload?

  12. Oh, great! Thanks for the new chapter! I have just one word for you : Lanjutkan! ^^

  13. So.. what happened with chapter 3?

  14. ...omg dont release a chapter ahead..its a forbidden fruit !!!! HAHA...i cant STOP dload NOOOooooooooOOO

  15. Thanks for the quick releases.

    Is there any way you can make subsequent releases using a multiuploader like rapidspread/uploadjockey/sharebee instead of depositfiles?

  16. Many thanx Lhytiss for chp 3.

  17. Thanks for ch 3.
    Did the story end there?

  18. Is there a missing chapter? It seems like the story just drops off, and then its the nurse.

  19. Thank you all who were involed in this project!!! I love Distance!


  20. Thanks for another Distance manga translated. Do you have the translated name for the nurse story?

  21. @Anon
    If by 'Name' you mean 'title', then it's 'Distance'..
    I know it sounds weird enough, but that's what the index page tells me..

  22. Argh, the maid story ended too abruptly. I need closure! Jeez, I'm getting too worked up over an H manga...

    ...Anyone happen to know what year this was released? If there's a chance Distance continues >_> <_<?