Tuesday, November 24, 2009

4th Release : Nekokino to Ame no Machi by Nixinamo Lens

I finished this cursed book at last..
Even though I said I 'finished', I still find it kinda 'off' in a lot of pages..
To be honest, I altered some of the dialogues to better 'connect' the flows between the pages and/or panels, please excuse me.. m(_ _)m
As I said before.. either I'm a bad translator, or the author is a bad writer.. or maybe both..

But, I will publish it anyway.. Just, don't expect too much..

And, I might as well announce it here :
My next release would be VERY long indeed..
Why you might ask ? I'm expecting this and this to come out in a few days.. And you can bet I'll be enjoying those for a quite some time. XD~~~
I need to 'replenish' myself from time to time after all =p
Rough estimation ? maybe 2-4 weeks.. depending on my mood..

Anyway, the release :



  1. i hope i didn't double post, anywayz thx again for the full book release!

    btw...you're gonna take a break for some weeks?

  2. as the one that recomended this book,i just say sorry coz this book is so hard to be translated and thank you for your effort to translate it

  3. Thanks a lot for the release, I`m downloading, I will read it tonight.

    By the way, about suggestions, take a look to this mangaka. Clone Ningen



  4. @matias067
    Depends on your definition of 'take a break'..
    I'll try my best to get 5-10 pages daily, in between my 'playing' time, so It might take a while to get a whole volume translated..
    Usually, I finished around 20+ pages daily.
    This release is a special case.. XP

    I've been anticipating those 2 games for a few months.. T_T

    @Red Comet
    What doesn't kill you will make you stronger..
    I'm also grateful for this challenge, and I hope I've learned a thing or two from this experience.

    And it seems like there's a growing demand of these 'recommendation' lately..
    Maybe I should start a commission project or something ? -_-a
    Is this acceptable?

  5. Congratulations on yet another completed project. I am sorry to hear that you had trouble with this one, but like you said, each translation is a learning experience.

    Go ahead and take a break if you need to, you deserve it. Like I mentioned earlier, you manage to put out a full tankobon about as often as others put out a new chapter or two. That is not meant to be a criticism of other translators as much as it is supposed to be a compliment to you. Thanks again for all your hard work.

    As for the commissions thing, that is totally up to you. If you want to start accepting paid commissions to work on a specific project, that would be totally understandable. If you still want to take free requests, that would be cool too. Maybe you could take requests every now and then until you have a few to choose from, then hold a vote to see which one you do first?

    Anyways, sorry about the long post. Thanks again for all you do here. Go ahead and take a break, and I will look forward to seeing whatever project you do next.

  6. Many thanx Lhytiss. Your hard work is appreciated.

  7. this manga was amazing!!!


  8. First of all, thank you for your work, it was great reading it, though I do think the dialogue is a bit odd quite a few times. For me it didn't make sense a lot of times, but as you said the author could be a bad writer.

    Anyway, thanks for the translation, I enjoyed it nevertheless.

  9. This manga was a complete UFO from another universe, but it was really agreable to read, you have my thanks once again, Lhytiss :)

    I'm not being negative when I call it a UFO, simply said, how many mangas have you guys read that contained a theme you would have never imagined before reading it ? Something REALLY new ?

    Take a break if you feel like to, Lhytiss, we are already much obliged to you :)

    About commissions, well, this is entirely up to you.
    Several scanlators work a bit for free and a bit for money. Some others work entirely for free like Red Comet here (unless I'm mistaken). Some others work entirely for money like Saha.
    If you feel you could enjoy some beer money (1.5$ per page to make you an idea), why not, you deserve it :)

  10. God damn it, this is one of the best manga ever, too bad it dosent have futa in it, but thanks a lot lhytiss!

  11. Thank you for the kind words, all of you =D
    FYI :
    Even at the rate 1$ / page, a full-volume commission (assuming there's about 200 page) would worth about a half of my monthly salary.. XD
    Although I won't be so sure if there's anyone who would be willing to commission a whole volume so often.. *_*a

    I'll seriously consider this option.
    But on the other hand, I'd also like to take a free request once in a while, if it's still possible at all..
    Any ideas/suggestions about how I should do this is highly welcome !

    I think a polling method every once in a while like Zathael suggest might work..

  12. 400$ per month for a salary ? Are you working in a slave farm in a rural chinese county ? o_O

  13. lol, that's harsh.. XD
    400$/month is pretty decent amount over here..
    It's better than average.
    A lot of my friends aren't so lucky..Some of them even make less than 250$/month.

    Anyway, I'm from Indonesia.. =p

  14. yeah i know, in Indonesia, the salary is very low, but the cost living also low :D coz i'm Indonesian too :p

    btw, are you in Jakarta?

  15. yeah..most of the times..
    Our 'lovely' capitol.. ~_~

  16. Oh, is it ? I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude !

    In my country, the very minimum monthly earnings required to pay for a flat renting and cover for one's expenses would be something like 650 €, let's say 980 $. And the minimum "decent survival" sum is more like 1500 $.

    That's something very different, in this regard, indeed.

  17. Ahahaha, I don't mean it like that when I said that's harsh.. no insult was taken =D

    Just for comparison, the flat renting here is around 40$-250$, depends on the class, locations, and stuff..
    Excluding the flat renting, my living expenses would be around 100-125$ each month, and I spent most of my spare time in front of my PC..

    If I had even half of your 'minimum decent survival' wages, I'd die a happy man..

    So, you can see that if I start taking commission project, It won't end up as a mere 'beer' money. It's highly possible that it might beat my real job all-together.. XP
    And the best thing is, I love doing the work !
    What a life..(\(^o^)/)

    Okay, I'd better stop dreaming now.. XP

  18. Thanks for the manga! It was really really good!!

    I only wish you have done better on the spread pages. I don't mean that you have to fill in the missing parts. I just meant that having double pages spreads as a single page(even though it has a white bar in the middle) is better than two seperate but cutoff pages.

  19. Paulo, I tried to join the double pages for my personal storage, and I can tell you the result : they don't join well together, a HUGE central part is missing. If the pages were printed on A4 sheets, I'd say up to 3 centimeters would have been missing in the middle. So that this point, this isn't about photoshopping missing parts, sadly.

    Lhytiss, you're free to take commissions of course, but if I may suggest, keep on working also on some works of your choice, you show remarkable originality in your choices, it would be sad if all your time had to be devoted to yet another boring incest manga :o

  20. After i read again. it remind me with anime called moyashimon :D

  21. Ahem, Ahem, just wanted to leave a note that file 006 seems to be corrupt when extracting the archive.


  22. @Greetz
    I've tried re-downloading again.. There's nothing wrong..
    Are you sure you're using my link ?

  23. Do you happen to have NIXINAMO:DAYS 2008 Winter and NIXINAMO: DAYS 2009 Summer sets? They seem to be extra artwork for the h-manga you recently translated.

  24. @rpgman1
    nope !! Sorry.. =/
    Please share them to me if they have any part you'd like to be translated though.. I'll be glad to complete the title set..

  25. Thanks for the translation. By the way, this doujinshi looks like a sequel of the tankoubon...

  26. is the link got problem ? I can't download it

  27. The link's broken...

  28. I just want to say, Many thanks for scanlating this Tank. This would be next to impossible to find in english if it wasnt for yah. These are one of those hidden gem manga that normally wouldnt get translated but I appreciate you did. Can't say how much I thank you for this but, THANK YOU FOR THIS!!

  29. Link broken here too - content taken down for copyright.

  30. yes the link is dead, lowsy copyright stuff

  31. The Link's doujin has been removed please fix this

  32. woulud mind fix it?

  33. http://www.mediafire.com/?wbru6i05b8pr19o