Monday, November 9, 2009

About the request...

I've seen most of the choice given, and here's my view :
(this is just my personal opinion.. Don't like it? don't read it.. =p)

1. Nekokino to Ame no Machi by Nixinamo Lens
This one is pretty good !! And the character design is rather..unusual..
catgirl AND mushroom-girl in one package ?? XD

2. Dominance by Takehiro Miura
While the art is good, I can't seem to download it from the given link.. so..
Maybe next time.. =/

3. Marshmallow Steady by Akagane Matsuri
This is another gem, but I found another group already translating this one, and it has been done up to chpt.5 !! So I think I'll pass..

4. Sports High by Haruki
The file is passworded -_-a

5. Cage vol 2 by Suehiro Gari
I suppose the vol.1 is already translated then?
Uhh... To be honest, I don't like doing things half-way.. *_*a
so, pass..

6. Tama 2 Fortune by Umetani Kenjiworks
To be frank, I don't find the arts appealing.... I think it DO have a funny story though.. But I'd rather do another title that I like both its story AND its drawing..

7. Sakiko-san no Dansei Jijou
This is one of those I don't consider as a 'full' manga..
I think you might want to take this to another translator instead.. =)

8. Harem Tune cos Genteiban, Hey Teacher, An Elder Sister's Swelling by Takaoka Motofumi
I'm familiar with the artist, and I like this.. =D
I think I saw some of these already translated halfway though ? Maybe I'm wrong..

9.Hitozuma Shiru Mamire by Aoi Hitori
This is a good one actually, BUT...
There is so many pages that would be a pain to clean >,<
I think I want to take it easy this time.. T-T

10. Rape Classroom by GRIFON
I saw the content, and I'm actually interested to take this.. But sadly, the scans is too dirty and some words are too messy for me to read..
I figured I'd have a lot of trouble cleaning and reading some parts, and I don't think I'm good enough to handle this one right now..
So sorry....

11. Koisuru Purinpai by Ando Hiroyuki
I'm familiar with the artist, and to be honest.. I don't really like his drawing style..
I'm Sorry...

So !!
With those said.. I decided these 2 are the ones I'll take as my next project :
-Nekokino to Ame no Machi by Nixinamo Lens
-Harem Tune cos Genteiban by Takaoka Motofumi

Sorry to those who got their request rejected this time.. m(_ _)m
You can expect one of those 2 to come out next week in full volume as usual.. =)


  1. Too bad you won't work on Hitozuma Shiru Mamire by Aoi Hitori right now. Nevertheless your choice on the other ones is the same as mine, so I'll be looking up to your work once it's done.


  2. Damn it i knew i should post it earlier, previous link was just for preview, here is Dominance download link , hope you can do it next time.

  3. I don't think I've seen a mushroom-girl before, so I look forward to that.

    If I may make a suggestion - Kami No Shiranai Sekai by Hellabunna:

    26 pages, good quality scan, nothing weird.

  4. I think you're right; "Harem Tune cos Genteiban" seems to be the second volume of "Harem Tune Genteiban", of which Takehiro translated the first chapter from magazine scans just short of two years ago.

    Links to volume 1: Rapidshare (password "Uploaded_by_smekt5" without quotes) / E-Hentai gallery.
    First chapter translation is here (E-Hentai gallery).

  5. No worries, I like your choice. I love Takaoka Motofumi's works, and from the only translated chapter, it looks promising. I wish I had a paypal so I can comission all those great (raw) manga I found. Including Grifon's :). But for now I can only give recommendations. Looking forward to your new releases !

  6. Hey Lhythiss,

    I'm the guy who recommended Sports High and Cage. The pass for the former was actually It can also be found here(, if you're still considering projects after finishing the Motofumi and Lens works. Another rec I want to throw in is Aijyo Hyougen ( by Kino Hitoshi/Kopikura.

    Anyways, I'm excited to see a new active h-scanlator around. It's impressive to keep a pace of a volume per week.

  7. Many thanx Lhytiss. You are awesome.

  8. thanks for choosing takaoka motofumi.

    Harem Tune cos Genteiban, Hey Teacher and An Elder Sister's Swelling are untranslated.

    translated takakoka motofumi works are:
    rutsubo, f-mode and dogwalker (miko wars)

  9. yay, i'm happy you decide to pick my choice "Nekokino to ame no machi" :D
    btw FYI, harem tune that one you choice is the 2nd volume. and the 1st volume also has the extra version. i dont know what is the difference

  10. If I may make a suggestion for your next project then A Pleasant Thing by Ryuta Amadume would be a nice choice.

  11. Another one you might want to consider for your next work is Microholic by Yoshino. Great quality in my opinion.

  12. I'm glad to hear that you selected Takoaka Motofumi's h-manga Harem Tune. After finishing his Dogwalker (which we renamed Miko Wars) it was one of the books we were considering, but we ultimately decided to work on something else instead. Harem Tune Genteiban is the first H-manga, Harem Tune Cos Genteiban is the sequel. The first chapter of Harem Tune Genteiban was also translated by Takehiro already (he used the magazine version though, and I'm guessing he decided to drop the book since he hasn't released the second chapter yet and it's been 2 years, lol).

    Also, only the first 3 chapters of f-mode have been translated.