Thursday, November 19, 2009

Revision : Eroisu by Isutoshi

If you're a frequent visitor of hentairules, then I'm sure you know about my &*(@^#@^ grammar in this book.
Fortunately, this kind soul decided to revise the whole book and I'd like to share his work as well.

The very same title, only better-edited =D

Enjoy !
All thanks to Sasuke Uchiwa (I'll be damned if this is his real name XD)

And to those who might inquire, I'm having a bit of a problem with the current manga I'm working on (the nekokino one).
This is arguably the hardest book I'm doing, mainly because of :
1. Biological terms about mushrooms I've never heard of..
2. Retarded choice of words & speech bubble position. I have a lot of trouble 'connecting' the dialogue flows in many pages.. Either I'm a bad translator or the author is a bad writer..or maybe both.. XP
3. Somehow, I got this 'real' work to do ATM, which lessen my spare time to do this.
Currently, I'm on page 104, there's still about 90+ pages to go. (>,<);;
So, I'm sorry.. But I hope you guys could wait a little bit longer..

*edit : updated the link to the latest version.. *_*


  1. Thanks for sharing this revised edition. Hopefully you can compare your translation to the revised version, and it can help you become a better translator.

    As for your current project and the problems you are having, I would highly suggest you try asking some other translators for help or suggestions. I would be willing to bet that some of them (but not all, I'm afraid) would probably be willing to help you with some of the more difficult parts.

    And dont worry about the wait. I know some translators that release a new chapter about as often as you release a whole tankobon.

  2. "All thanks to Sasuke Uchiwa (I'll be damned if this is his real name XD)"

    Nobody ever believes it.

    As Zathael said, I hope this helps with your future translations, since you actually give a damn, instead of griping about grammar Nazis.
    Hopefully I didn't screw anything up while editing.

    And my own request was probably too small, but here's Sports High! (requested by an Anon), without a password, if you still want to check it out:

    Couldn't find any better scans of GRIFON's Rape Classroom though.

  3. Hoo, so you took the list of mistakes I made into consideration, Lhytiss ?
    That's very nice of you, thanks :)

    To Darsh / Sasuke Uchiwa,

    Please, don't call me a grammar nazi. If I were a nazi you'd be already riding with company to a safe place where you'd enjoy the joys of fresh air and hard work, under the name of protecting society against a so-called moral deviant.

    Let's just say I tend to view too bad English as _not_ proper english.

    This isn't called being a grammar nazi, this is called proofreading.
    Believe me, there IS a difference ;)

    And thanks to you too, for all the work, man :D


  4. Hello again, it's the nazi grammarian.

    Hate me if you like, but since I helped with proofreading, it was stronger than me, I checked, and one picture was bugged, another mistake had slip through my attention, and a third picture picture had its mispelling left as is.
    Good points, on the opposite, I made a grade-school grammar mistake in one of my propositions, you fixed it in your edits ("thinked" -> "thought"). And I missed a "caught" -> "catched" error that you fixed.

    With the mediafire's file naming, this is :

    - page 6
    "our rations from the ship has finally run out"
    I didn't see that one,
    it should have been "have finally run out", not "has"

    - page 182, the "somewhere arround these prefecture" was left as is, it should have become "showere around this prefecture"

    I don't want to sound like a big fan of national-socialism, please see this as an attempt to help :)


  5. Hail hentai, my final comment this evening, my two cents, the two pictures I mentioned, in a fixed version :

    Have a happy fascist evening everyone !


  6. Oliver,

    Please check your emails for one from me, called "Comments on "Revision : Eroisu by Isutoshi"


  7. I just saw these indeed, so I may as well make this public in a comment too : no harm was taken, I saw it was joking with the nazi term.
    But I couldn't resist and use this to play victim and taunt you :D

    I fixed the last picture you mentioned, picture 85 :

    When you're used to picture editing (I do that on my blog, decensoring some pictures, and also for my work, to create the most temptating picture products), this is easy at this level :)

    I hope that's all, I'll also repack the manga with these 3 other pictures ^^


  8. What kind of biological terms of mushroom you found out? Maybe I can help.

  9. It's almost done (<10 pages left), but thanks anyway =D
    See if you can spot them later...