Monday, January 11, 2010

Sorry for being such a slowpoke.. T_T

Last week was a total mess..
Was too busy moving to my new office and shit..

Anyway, Distance Chp 3 is out !!
I hope I'll get used to my new job quickly so I can finish the whole volume before weekend..

Grab it at the donor project page or this post

Amatarou's Happiness is also done, and you can grab it at Doujin-Moe

At the moment, I'm also in the process of uploading the file to UploadJockey..
I hope this works...

*Link Update :

If this works, I'll just start to use this service from now on..

*Update : 13 Jan '10
Chapter 5 is out..
Follow the same link above to get it ^^
uploadjockey link to follow in a few..hours ?
Gonna leave it to sleep while it's uploading.. =p
..I'm still awake.. ~_~a

*Update : 16 Jan '10
Chapter 6 is out..
Again, Follow the same link above to get it..
last chapter will be done today..(hopefully) =D

*Update : 16 Jan '10 #2
And the last bit finally done..
Big thanks to everyone who supported my 1st donor-project ! (and fans..if any..=p)

You guys know where to get it, right ? =p
The full-manga version will follow after I finished uploading.. >.>

Now, I hope you grammar masters out there can help me with all the errors I've made so I can make a revision over the whole book later on.. =)
....Unless somebody else is beating me to it.. XD

I'll work on Momoyama Jirou's Momo-Don now..
I hope I can finish it before February.


  1. Thank you, for all the wonderful translations.

    What may be the title, to the 4th tale in Happiness, please? I do not see were you translated it.


  2. Thanks for another great release, can't get enough Distance. Though I have a question. Is the story arc of the first 3 chapters finished? (would be a shame if it is)

  3. @2Hip :
    Happiness 4th Title -> Honto no Watashi (the real me)
    But I never bothered to edit the title in every chapter, so.. =p

    @Nightscream :
    Yes, It's finished. ^^
    There's a 'flashback' chapter at the last portion of the book though..If that counts..

  4. By weekend :-o You are a god, walking amongst mortals!

  5. Yay, thanks Lhytiss ^_^

  6. I for one would just like to put a vote against uploadjockey, for what its worth. Too, too many adds, in my opinion.

  7. I also would like to put a vote against's just horrible to have to deal with

  8. HEY lhytiss,

    are you planning to translate Distance -Triple HHH? if yes when are you going to translate and finish it???

  9. Yoroshii has picked up Distance - Triple HHH.

  10. @ Afro Thunda

    but there are so slow on releasing...

  11. If lhytiss works on it we can expect a faster release.

    I hope that lhytiss will still want to work on it..

  12. 1. I don't think it's nice to 'steal' another group project...

    2. You should be grateful that they are doing those for free in the first place..

    3. They are NOT slow.. at least not by my standard..They just prefer to work on many title(s) at once..

    Maybe it's just me, but I don't see much appreciation coming from you, Anon...

    Bitching aside,
    I don't know if I'll use UploadJockey again then..
    Is there any better alternatives ?

  13. And as a counter to the other anons, I'll just say that I can not locate what is wrong with uploadjockey.

  14. Thanks for the release. I love distance's artwork but I kinda hate when he leaves a story like this. "My Sister" also had a kinda sucky half-ending. I'll be on the edge of my seat for the flash-back, though I won't be hoping for much.

  15. I tink with a little nit imagination the ending isn't so bad. I mean Kaori was a sexslave with a countless number of former masters (his father too) wich loaded her womb with lots of liters of cum, would you want such a woman?

    The only god thing from her is that the guy now possibly satisfy a woman like a pro.

    And the best thing is, that he now eventually can get the girl which he loved from the beginning and which is still a virgin ;)

    (sorry if my english looks messed up, but can't help it)

  16. UploadJockey is really really terrible. I think MediaFire or Megaupload would be the best, but for what you're probably looking for...

    Hotfile or Those are much better alternatives to UploadJockey.

  17. Numinor: It is not like people are pure and innocent in the real world either, people fuck.

  18. hi, Lhytiss.
    can you tell me the title of happiness ch.4?
    you didn't translate it.


  19. @ Lhytiss

    regarding Distance - Triple HHH,

    1 - you were the first one to announce that you will translate it. That mean Yoroshii took from you

    2 - I don't think will think that Yoroshii will take that you stole their projct from them.

    3 - There is an estimation that it will take 1-3 months for the next chapter to be translate.

    4 - There is no harm for you if you contact Yoroshii and ask him if its alright to translate Distance - Triple HHH.



  20. @Amy
    What I'm looking for is a multi-uploader service that's 'easy' for you guys to use, and if possible, still 'beneficial' to me..
    It takes time to upload a single file to several host with my crappy connection.. T_T

    see my first comment..

    I'm speechless..
    Thanks to that last post, even if I'm actually working on the project, I'd instantly drop it just to piss you off.. ~_~;;

  21. There's still other Distance manga that can be translated. I can think of a certain 3 volume manga off the top of my head. But since I like seeing what the translators do on their own, I don't usually make requests. I'll leave it that for now lol. What I'd really like to see is a manga by Kitani Sai. That guy is the Anal Master lol.

  22. Many thanx Lhytiss for chp 6.

  23. Thanks for the fast releases.

  24. @Lhytiss


    I didn't mean to insult or anything. also, I'm not so sure what I said to make you angry. all what I said back then was the bad things related to Yoroshii only not you. PLEASE, don't get me wrong I respect you very much Lhytiss, Hell I acutally LOVE you so much cause you made my dreams come true with all the releases that you done before.



    :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

  25. Another thumbs down for uploadjocky here. I can't even get the file through them, just sends me to page A(list of downlad sites) to page B(add page) to page C(list of files you've uploaded?) then back to page A(if you click on the file you wanted to download).

    Keep up the good work.

  26. Many thanx Lhytiss for compliting My Slave. Your work is awesome.

  27. Anonymous before me must be failing hard somehow, works like a charm for me in 3 clicks.

    And for Lhytiss, thanks a lot and congratulations on finishing your first commission!

  28. Is the last chapter something like a foreword or is it just a coincidence that that guy has the same name (and I would say looks) like the deceased father in the first part?

  29. I'm already working on proofreading and revising this, and in the process, cleaning up the editing and whatnot too, so it'll take me a bit, but just hang on.

  30. Numitor, I guess it's coinsidence, since that guy in the last chapter was still in high school ten years before meeting Kaori. If he is Hajime's father, he had to make him while beeng 10 years old or something.
    Also, AAARRRGHHH!!! WHERE IS A CHAPTER WITH HAJIME TAKING THAT AZUMI'S VIRGINITY?!! I know that from the way chapter 3 ended it was clear as day what will happen next but I wanna freakin SEE IT! I hoped for him to explain her the situation while sobing and then she would get angry at him and scold him and say something deep about how much of an asshole he is and then they would eventually confess to each other and have some hot happy sex. Man DISTANCE decieved me. I hope this will be at least released as a oneshot in one of that COMICs one day.

  31. Lhytiss, I've read you wanted a multiple files host that would allow you to earn some money.

    Frankly, your commissions will earn you a hundred times more.

    If you still want beer money, then the best solution would be the explanation I gave on Bubbadg's blog, cf the comments on this page :

  32. Silly me, I forgot :

    Thanks A LOT for the complete My Slave, you rock ^_^

  33. @All
    Thank you for all the supports and comments ^o^

    Nobody like a whiner..
    And I think most, if not all, scanlators out there have little tolerance to "you should go faster" attitude you just shown me..
    Make no mistake, I'm all open to criticism and/or request...
    What I don't like from your previous remark is that you were badmouthing another groups while suggesting me to take over their projects..

    I'm glad that you appreciate my works so far, but I believe you could do well with treating the other group(s) with the same amount of respect..

    All in all, apology accepted..
    Though I'd like it if you realize where you were doing wrong firsthand before you say sorry..
    /end rant

    Regarding the file hosting problem..
    I realize that Depositfiles sucks to some degree, but it's the most stable out of all hosting that I'm familiar of..
    Mediafire often get super-laggy on me (1 KB/s)..but with no waiting time, ppl seems to like it..
    Rapidshare..I can't even d/l much of the files from them since they said I 'need' a premium account..
    Megaupload/porn have a 100MB size-limit..
    Still, everybody have their own preference..

    So I'm thinking of using one of those multi-uploader to satisfy all of you leechers at once..=p

    I don't mind losing the 'beer money' from depositfiles, but I need to find another reliable hosting service before I do..

    With my upload speed, torrent is a bad idea..
    And uploadJockey seemed like a bad choice already.. T_T

  34. Thanks a lot for completing this project. Thanks to all of the other donors as well.

    If I could make one tiny request, it would be that when you release new chapters, you make a new post about it instead of editing your previous one. Why? I subscribe to your site using an RSS feed, and it only tells me when you make new posts, not when you edit an existing one. So, as far as I knew, the last thing you posted on your site was your apology on the 11th. If Oliver had not mentioned something about it on his site, I would not have known this awesome manga had been completed. :(

    Again, thanks for finishing this project.

  35. Just an FYI Lhytiss, if the "100MB size limit" is the only thing holding you back from using megaupload/megaporn... well, that's actually incorrect :x Their file size limit for free users is 1GB (and you can go even higher I think with a paid account).

    They're actually well above almost all other hosts in terms of file size limit. The only catch is you don't get "points" for downloads above 100mb... but as it stands, their points system requires you get something ridiculous like 100,000 points for any actual payout anyway. But if that's not an issue, they're a decent enough host, if you don't mind the fact that their download tracking is kind of weird and innaccurate (ie, I've seen downloads go months without showing a single download on them, when that's obviously not the case).

    The only reason I stopped using them is because I started doing remote uploading, as Oliver mentioned, and I'd need a paid account to do that with megaupload.

  36. This may be silly but isn't there a second My Slave book ? The story felt like unfinished. Well, most probably it's another dropped by low sales manga. Tough luck.
    About Distance's HHH I gave a look at the raw and, by the few parts I could understand, it seems pretty good (a girl with luxury triggered super natural powers was really unique) but since it's already been translated, lhyntiss did an ethical choice IMHO.
    Also lhyntiss, I hope you don't think of it as an impertinence but could you consider giving a look at Okada Matsuoka's School Milk ? Bellow is a Rapidshare link:

    Unfortunately I can't afford to sponsor this book but I think it may be a good read and a fine candidate for a donor project.