Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New Release : Manzou - Homeless Saeko Ch 02

As you can see, I'm testing yet another multi-uploader service..
I hope this one works better than uploadjockey =D

And so, here you are =)
It's courtesy of Rodrugo..

Download Link
You can go here to check this project status and shit..

Still about that Baldr Sky stuff..
I'm proud to say that by now, I have discovered another kick-ass combo sequence !!
The damage could easily pass 10k, it's easily doable, and it's pretty efficient against anything I've encountered so far.. ^o^
Ironically, I have yet to find an enemy strong enough to withstand its full-damage in survival mode.. >.>
I can only perform the full-blow against boss in story mode, and in practice arena (which means, no replay file this time...)

Anyway here's the combo, if anyone wanted to try it out :
タックル -> バトル ロッド -> カイザキック-> (use short dash cancel & move closer here if neccessary) -> レイジングクロウ -> I.A.I -> (use short dash cancel & move away here if neccessary) -> メインナックル -> ジャンピングニ- -> フンデイダガ -> 
サテライトレ-ザ- -> インペリアルフアイナル [FC] (WAIT until you hit the ground,  stand below your target, then hold your FC button.. release when he's close above you..if you're doing it right, the damage should exceed 2800 under normal circumstances, it may even touch 4000++ if you're counter-attacking) -> イニシャライザ -> 拡散ビーム or ダブルマシンガン , up to you -> タックル -> repeat =)

Set the タックル and カイザキック in DASH button, since they're kinda interchangeable in the combo sequence.. Use カイザキック first if the enemy is in mid-air..
and you a have 2 extra weapon slot to use.. It's up to you, but I highly recommend パラレルミサイル on the last DASH button..It'll save you a lot of trouble from  mobs and provide a somewhat decent 'wall' + knock-back effect against many things..
For another extra slot, I'm currently using a long-range flamethrower for mob control.. 

Good luck trying, and I hope lots of you who read this enjoy the game as much as I do d(^o^)b

Anyway, Momo-Don is progressing slower than I'd thought..Sorry for that..
I've been busy with the office works and playing + watching too much anime last wekk.. n(_ _)n

/End Rant


  1. I really find it very weird that japanese boys get bullied because they have "big dicks", guess that breaks their norm of every japanese has to have small dicks?

    Btw, thanks for the translation and the donors.

  2. YES!!!!!!!
    Just what i was waiting for thanks a thousand times lhytiss!!