Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Donor Project : Manzou - Homeless Saeko (1st story)

Now, this is a rather..unusual.. request if I may say so myself..
Mr. Ralz specified that he only like to see the 1st story translated and he would like to make it a Donor project, so..
Here you are..

Click here if you want to see the details / contribute

Content : MILF, Gang-bang, pregnant, birthing

Just a fair bit of warning, the birth scene might be disturbing to some ppl..
But it's only at the end of the 'extra' part, and it's only like, 2 pages..

Download Link :
Chpt 01

*Rant :
Now, I've been playing too many Baldr Sky 2 lately, and I *THOUGHT* I had a pretty good combo sequence (5000+ damage with Initializer + Imperial Final FC, or 3000+ damage with Imperial Final only)..until I saw THIS VID which left me in despair.. XP

Anyway, here's my survival replay save-file..for those who might be interested in my combo : Link

Just see any stage with Neunzehn on it for the full-combo sequence..
The half-combo sequence is used in almost every stage with 'boss-like' enemies..

Even as I'm writing this shit, I'm in the process of testing yet another combo..
so far, I can get around 5000++ damage with only 1 FC gauge (Imperial final, of course) or 6500++ with 2 gauge (Imperial Final + Gigant Lance)
But when I'm using it in real battle..it's not so effective as I thought, compared to the one I've used before.. T_T

P.S. Momoyama's work is still going at my normal pace.. Now at page 30 as I'm writing this..
/End rant


  1. wow... another great project has been announced.

    thanks Lhytiss !! really cannot wait for the next chapter of this one

  2. Thanx Lhytiss. What's the story about? Violent/rape/ntr story, or something more happy?

  3. Hmm..
    Now that's an interesting question...
    But I guess it's pretty much subjective to personal opinion..

    Some might say it's kinda violent, but I think it's rather mild compared to some other title(s) that I know off..

    It might be considered rape.. But if the girls/boys enjoys it, then I can say it's 'happy-sex' as well...

    Definitely not NTR by my standard since I can't see enough 'mutual-love' going in the story..
    Or.. would you still call it NTR as well even though the 'love' part is pretty much one-sided and only shown in the last minute of the story ? O_oa

  4. lhythiss??
    Hey can you add another episode of it please?

  5. i love pregnant fetish.. can't wait for next chapter!! :)

  6. homeless chick giving sex for food?, lol, weird.

  7. Thanks for the posting. A question, though?

    Where was the birthing scene? It didn't seem to be there...

  8. LOL, I would like to thank not for the manga, but for the video link. Added another nice song from kotoko to my player!