Monday, February 1, 2010

New Release : Momoyama Jirou - Momodon (1st story arc) & Manzou - Homeless Saeko Ch 03+EX

Oh my...
It's been 3 weeks and I only got the first arc done..
I'm ashamed of myself..T_T

I know that I've been playing around too much the past few weeks, but still..
I can't stop !!
And for better or worse, a lot of new great H-games is out already..
I hope I can stop the time or something... >.>

Anyway, the release :
Momoyama Jirou - Momodon (1st arc) : Here
Manzou - Homeless Saeko  (chp 3 + EX) : Here
Or you can get it here (full bundle will soon follow) 

And that's the 2nd donor project done..
Thank you guys !!


  1. Nany thanx Lhytiss and donors.

  2. Thanks Lhytiss. Now for my Jirou fix.

  3. How many arcs are there in Momodan?

  4. Homeless Saeko is really touching. does this end well?