Tuesday, February 9, 2010

3 New Project + 1 New Donor Project coming up !!

I really didn't expect this many to come up at once.. XP
By the way, all of these are courtesy of Ralz

As for the details + cover :
1. Dangan Minorz - Dangan Ball (DBZ Doujin)

raw : Here
Password: glassfish

2. Hi-Per Pinch - DoGU Family (Zoids Genesis)

raw : Here

3. Saigado - The Yuri & Friends 2009 - Unparticipation of Mai UM (KoF)

raw :Here
Password: UploadedBytenchi20

and for the Donor Project :
Mustang R - Oyako Asobi

raw : Here
And he mentioned to start this one from the last 3 chapter, so don't be surprised later..
The project details can be found on the usual donor page

Might as well mentioned that I'm thinking of doing Senpai Nice Desu by Kaname Aomame for the next 'free' project, which have been neglected for quite some time.. ~_~


  1. Awesome! Although the DBZ doujin is something I'm probably going to skip, I am really looking forward to the Hi-Per Pinch and Saigado releases.

    As for the Mustang R donor project, are the last 3 chapters a seperate story than the earlier chapters? Or are all the chapters unrelated stories? I'm just curious.

  2. the last 3 are separate story each, but there's 1 little 'arc' in the book though.. =)

  3. Senpai Nice Desu looks Nice Desu, waiting for that too, thanks Lhytiss!