Sunday, June 6, 2010

New Release : Beautiful Ass Mom by Fuusen Club

This translation life is starting to get out of hand as of lately..

But please, enjoy the release !
Courtesy of the same anonymous commissioner from the previous release..
And I don't know from which tankoubon does this chapter came from, so..
No cover this time..! 


Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Release : OrgaMania by Fuusen Club (chpt 4 - 7 )

Courtesy of anonymous commissioner..
It's your usual NTR-MILF series from Fuusen club, so.. yeah =p


And the rests are actually a bit old and I think everyone already have then at some point, but I never put this out before, so..
1. (Nekomataya) Idolmaster - Aoi Hitomi no Koneko-chan

You can grab it from Doujin-Moe

2. (Gundam Seed) Gold Rush - A Diva of Healing 5

Again, it's available on Doujin-Moe

Sunday, April 25, 2010

8th Release : Hame-chichi Onee-san by The Seiji

Only did the last 2 chapter though, the rest are done by different team(s)

The scans are courtesy of Bubbdadg, and he will re-release the whole volume at later date, so stay tuned.. =)


For chapter 1-7 : Link

And here's a little 'bonus' for all of you :
Please inform me if the tankoubon version is available out there somewhere..
Will try to finish Sempai Nice Desu next.. *_*a

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Triple Release =)'s the doujin I've mentioned a while back..
1. Saigado - The Yuri & Friends 2009 - Unparticipation of Mai UM
2. Hi-Per Pinch - DoGU Family
3. Dangan Minorz - Dangan Ball

Enjoy !! =)

By the way, the Donor project  will be put on hiatus until further notice..
I don't know what's happening to him and I won't ask either...
Also, I've returned the fund..just in case it will be canceled altogether..

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year & Valentine !!

To anyone who celebrate them...!!
Hope you guys get a lot of money and/or chocolate this time ! =D
Anyway, here's a little release from me (finished this a week ago actually, but well..)
It has a few separate story by Yuki Yanagi, and it's FULL COLORED !!

 You can grab the book from Doujin-Moe

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

3 New Project + 1 New Donor Project coming up !!

I really didn't expect this many to come up at once.. XP
By the way, all of these are courtesy of Ralz

As for the details + cover :
1. Dangan Minorz - Dangan Ball (DBZ Doujin)

raw : Here
Password: glassfish

2. Hi-Per Pinch - DoGU Family (Zoids Genesis)

raw : Here

3. Saigado - The Yuri & Friends 2009 - Unparticipation of Mai UM (KoF)

raw :Here
Password: UploadedBytenchi20

and for the Donor Project :
Mustang R - Oyako Asobi

raw : Here
And he mentioned to start this one from the last 3 chapter, so don't be surprised later..
The project details can be found on the usual donor page

Might as well mentioned that I'm thinking of doing Senpai Nice Desu by Kaname Aomame for the next 'free' project, which have been neglected for quite some time.. ~_~

Saturday, February 6, 2010

7th Release : Momodon by Momoyama Jirou

Finished at last !!
Mind you, the 2nd arc have little to none Hentai-action..
But I do hope you can find the say the least =)

Download Link : Here

For the next freebies..I haven't decide it actually.. =p
but I do have several titles in mind..

I hope the next one wouldn't take as long as this, but with the all these line-up games in my PC, I'm too afraid to promised you anything.. XP