Saturday, October 31, 2009

2nd Release : Eroisu by Isutoshi

This one took longer than I originally intended.
I got a lot of stuff going on, I'm sorry.. m(_ _)m

About the release,
I'm sure you guys have seen a lot of the excerpt scattering around the internet, but I never found the full volume done in one package, so here you are !!

On a side note..
You guys might be wondering why I did the stuff that someone else already translated ? It's so I can compare myself to their work..
I know I'm not good enough as it is.. So I think it might be a good way to see where I might be doing wrong, and how to improve myself..
I should learn a lot from those awesome guys before me
(Thank you SaHa, DesuDesu, Tonigobe, Brolen, TadanoHito and all other translators that I couldn't mention here, inculding the Anonymous ones !!)
Even now, I still think they had this special 'quality' that I'm lacking.. I still don't know what it is exactly, but I sure hope the work paid off.. ^_^

Surely, this would have a different 'feel' compared to their works..I am redoing the whole books after all, but I think it doesn't change the story..

Anyway, It seems like I'm the only one who don't use full-capitalized letters on my works.. I'm not sure if this is actually a bad thing or not, but if you guys think it's better to be fully-capitalized, please let me know !!

Enough blabbering, here's the stuff..
Enjoy !!


  1. Added your release to mangaupdates :)
    Thanks for the scan.

  2. There is a small request I would like to make Here is a new original Doujin story which is: “Sakiko-san no Dansei Jijou” by JIN. It is a vey fantastic story I love it so much, and I really wish and hope that this one get a translation:

    PLEASE look at it, and I hope that you will like it so that you will work on translating it.


    :( :( :( :( :(

  3. damn! failed to become pertamax >.<
    nice work bro, keep it going and thanks

  4. @All
    thanks for the kind response =)

    Will take a look, but I won't promise you anything.. ok ?

    @Red Comet
    kaskus banget dah... XD

  5. Thanks for the release!
    Also, though I'm one who doesnt frequent the site often, i think you should consider posting this release on Fakku

  6. Already did actually..On the forum section =)

    I don't know how to post it on the main page, or even if I'm allowed to at all

  7. thanks, nice to have another isutoshi
    small characters works, I don't know why nobody uses it

  8. thanks you for the feedback guys =)

    and to my dear requester up there..
    that file on rapidshare you gave me is only accessible to their premium member which I'm NOT..

    Just to let you know..

    and about the capitalized letters, I think I'd give it a try for once and make it full-capitalized like any other guys and see how's it turned out later.. =D

  9. Just a bit update..
    After trying again, somehow I can download the file just fine..

    I wonder what's wrong yesterday -_-a

  10. Thank you very much for this one. Glad to see more from you.

  11. @Ehud
    lol man..
    I saw you thanking me in three sites already XD~
    I really respect that, but really.. You don't need to go that far !! ^_^

  12. Woops, I had forgotten to add my thanks here too, you had to discuss on my blog ^^;;

    So let's do it here too : really, thanks a LOT, Lhytiss, your translation choice was one of the best EVER !

    Some translators will chose to translate a random incest story, for which a bloody rewrite would have done as good as an actual translation. Some others will pick a hentai doujin with barely more interest.
    And you, you, you chose to translate a well-drawn h-manga by Isutoshi, and your translation transformed something graphically good into something cosmically awesome thanks to its dialogues :D

    I'm not sure I have already read a manga for which the translation has brought that much "added value" before, this might be one of the the highest compliments I can give :)

    BTW, Lhytiss, we discussed about proofreading, I pasted a list of the things I observed in the comments on my blog, will you take a look ? It may help you in the future, I hope :)

    Once again, thanks...
    What's next ? ;)

  13. Thx a lot Lhytiss for this. Hope you keep the good work

  14. New Isutoshi in English? I love you forever.

  15. whoaaaa....... lythis the bakemono start to trans h-manga......... keep doing the good work and full the world with hentai hahahahha....

    And YOU GUYS out there give lythis support for our pleasure ahahahahahahh

  16. wow, good choices on your first releases.
    Isutoshi is always a winner!

  17. isutoshi ^^

    thank you lhythiss

  18. great work, thx alot.

  19. Im a different person than the second poster. I also read the sakiko-san doujin and is freaking awesome.

    Pls see for yourself any other of the mtsp circle's work. I hop u can make a translation of any of this

    Thanks for your time